Financial Solutions For Investors
Providing services that help you to run your local or international business

Finance Solutions

Providing services that help you to run your local or international business

Some of the benefits

Actively managed

We follow an active investment philosophy with a strong strategic bias

Wide choice

Choose from a range of actively-managed international investment solutions

Appropriate risk

We advise and help build a portfolio so you can meet your investment goals

Proven philosophy

Our rigorous, research-driven process produces outstanding results

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Trade Finance

Our trade finance offerings are tailored to help you manage the unique challenges of doing business across international borders.  Standard Bank DRC provides a range of tools to make it safer and easier to import and export your products

  • Import and export financial advice and funding
  • Letters of credit
  • Bills for collection


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Production Loan - Content card

When your business invests its money to acquire stock or assets, that cash is then unavailable for daily operations. Standard Bank DRC offers a business overdraft which allows you to borrow what you need, the moment you need it. This short-term loan facility allows for easier cash management, without a complex approval process. The overdraft is tied to your current account, and you are free to use whatever you need, within your pre-approved limit

Short Term Loan

If your business needs a more formal short term finance option, the bank offers loans at competitive interest rates. Funding is granted according to Central Bank regulations. This product helps your business to keep investing in its future.

Longer term plans are also available when needed, depending on local regulations.

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