Our Services

Standard Bank DRC provides services to support the banking, finance, trading and advisory needs of corporate and institutional clients. Our local presence facilitates closer and more trusted relationships with clients, and insightful knowledge of local commercial and regulatory environments.  

Because of this, we are the ideal partner to help your corporate.

These are some of the services we provide, contact us to discuss the individual needs of your business or deal.

Finance solutions

⁃ Short-term loans
⁃ Overdraft
⁃ Trade finance
⁃ Import and export trade finance
⁃ Letters of credit
⁃ Bills for collection

Global market products

⁃ Foreign exchange
⁃ Spot operations
⁃ Forward operations
⁃ Hedging
⁃ Money market

Transactional accounts

⁃ Cash management

Electronic banking solutions

⁃ new Business Online
⁃ African Transactional Gateway (ATG)
⁃ Business connect
⁃ System interchange file

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