Global markets

Treasury services include foreign exchange and money market activities.  A foreign exchange transaction involves the purchase or sale of an amount of a particular currency on a specified date, with payment made in a different currency. The rate of exchange is the price per unit of one of the currencies expressed in another currency (for example USD1 = CDF930).

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Foreign exchange:
Standard Bank RDC offers a comprehensive range of foreign exchange-related products and services.

Spot operations:
For local clients we provide advising and licensing services with local authorities for the repatriation of funds.

Forward operations:
We offer onshore clients non-deliverable forwards (NDF) with Congolese franc (CDF) settlement, and US dollar settled NDFs for international clients.

We offer several solutions to mitigate the risks of fluctuation in foreign exchange trades.

Money market:
Money market activities include placement in CDF and USD.

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